About Our Judaica

Fine Art Bronze Castings

These Judaica sets are fine art bronze castings using the lost wax method.  The lost wax method of bronze casting was developed in the Ancient Near East in the late 4th millennium BCE, found then both in ancient Ur and Egypt.  This ancient process is used today to create fine art bronzes that embody the artist’s touch.  In the pieces, you can see the imprint of the artist’s hand molding clay and modeling wax.  It is a labor intensive process, demonstrating fine craft with 5000 years of history utilized during the time of Abraham. These are substantial pieces with the weight of small bronze castings.

Each piece is a museum quality signed limited edition. Each piece is cast and crafted by hand and production lead time is eight to ten weeks.

Triangular Forms and Shleimut (wholeness, integration)

I created these Judaica sets with triangular shapes influenced by traditional notions as common as the three Patriarchs and as esoteric as the Kabbalah’s Sefirotic system imagined as three sets of three plus one.  The triangular pieces stand on their own as evocative forms and also nest nicely demonstrating the integrative quality of one.

The 19th century master of Polish Hasidism known as the Sefat Emet, also influenced this work: 'In every place where God dwells there is shleimut (wholeness).'  -  from 'The Language of Truth: The Torah Commentary of the Sefat Emet' with translations by Dr. Arthur Green

New & Ancient Simultaneously

I intend these designs to have a 'new-ancient' sensibility, a fresh way of looking at ancient ideas. I imagine them to feel as suitable to the times of Abraham, Moses and the Maccabees as well as to the 21st century.

Now available:

• Pendants for women and men

  based on Jewish art and Hebrew

• Mezuzah Case connecting the Upper and Lower



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Susan Shender, Founder of Sukkah Soul