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Sukkah Soul sukkahs and Judaica have been featured in magazines and newspapers across the country.

  • The Forward
    'SukkahSoul [is] basically selling works of art...SukkahSoul design weaves [the Sefirot] into the architecture; if you look at it, you can almost see the Tree of Life in front of you, cradling the guests of the sukkah within its branches.'... Read More
  • Hadassah Magazine
    The inspiration for this sukka—made of cedar, steel and net siding—comes from architect and SukkahSoul Company founder Susan Shender’s spiritual searching, and from her disappointment in traditional sukka kits.... Read More
  • Jewish Woman (2011)
    A few years ago, Susan Shender of St. Louis and several of her friends studying in the Melton Adult Jewish Education program were assigned to research Kohelet, also known as the Book of Ecclesiastes. Among the things they discovered is that the book is traditionally read during Sukkot. One of the women had an old sukkah kit stashed in her garage, so they decided to assemble it for the holiday and to gather within its walls to learn Kohelet together.... Read More
  • The New York Times
    The sukkah Ms. Shender drew up in response, an open lattice of leaning wooden members and diaphanous white fabric, was the only one of the four kits I ordered that could be described as pretty. It was the kind of gauzy shelter where a reality-show bachelor would make his million-dollar proposal.... Read More
  • Jewish Woman Magazine
    Tamarkin refers to her [Sukkah Soul] sukkah as a temporary oasis. She loves to sit and read in it and have friends over to visit inside its romantic white gauzy walls. Last year she invited her yoga class back to have fruit in her sukkah. "It brings life to our house," she says. "People who never come over come over. There's something magical about it. It's almost like an apparition in the backyard. It's there for a little bit, and then it goes away for a year."... Read More

Support System

A Sukkah of Tomorrow Held Up by Its Inhabitants
(Featured in Tablet Magazine)

Sukkah Soul sukkah with the Bar Mitzvah during Sukkot as featured in The New York Time

"The Love That Shines Through"
by Michael Winerip
The New York Times
October 23, 2008

Susan Shender, Founder of Sukkah Soul