Kabbalah Mezuzah Vav Connecting Upper and Lower

Words and writing are central to Jewish identity. 

The ancient hand that carved and wrote were the inspiration for the Mezuzah case.  The Mezuzah case offers a connection to our past so we feel close to our history.


Vav, Shin, Sefirot, 5 Books of Torah

The Mezuzah case shape is the letter Vav.  The Paleo-Hebrew letter Shin is on the mezuzah.  The five diamond shapes refer to the Kabbalah's Sefirot and the 5 Books of Torah.


The Upper & the Lower and the Vav

One pillar extends from earth to heaven.

 Its name is Righteous One, named for the righteous.  If there are righteous people in the world, the pillar is strengthened; if not, it is weakened.  It upholds the entire world, as it is written: ‘the righteous one is the foundation of the world’  If it weakens the world cannot endure.  So if the world contains just one righteous person, that person sustains the world. 

    -Daniel C. Matt, The Essential Kabbalah, Castle Books, New Jersey, 1997, p. 78 

Now, come and see the power of the righteous: 

they can unite all the sefirot, harmonizing the upper and the lower worlds. 

    -Ibid p. 79

A Quickening from Above

…although Judaism insists that man constantly try for a ‘quickening below,’ at least occasionally, there must be a ‘quickening from above.’

    -Herbert Weiner, 91/2 Mystics, Touchstone, NY, p. 326

The great sum of all these Sefirot in their relatedness constitutes the permanent connection between God and His world. 

This connection actually operates two ways; for the world can respond and even act on its own.  On the one hand, the ten Sefirot are responsible for the universal law and order, what we might call the workings of nature in the worlds.  As such they mix and descend, contracting and changing forms as they go from one world to another, until they reach our physical world which is the final station of the manifestation of divine power.

On the other hand, the events that occur in our world continuously influence the ten Sefirot, affecting the nature and quality of the relations between the downpouring light and power and the recipients of this light and power.

    -Adin Steinsaltz, The Thirteen Petalled Rose, Basic Books, USA, p. 40

The Vav

the up and down letter in form linking heaven and earth, called the or yashar, the direct light, straight up and down in form,
the holy 'And' in content, the world stands on and: Me and you, You and God, it’s an And world.

When we cannot find the 'and' we are lost. There is no We without 'and,' above all there is the connection in form the upper and lower worlds.

We are taught the upper worlds will not respond until the lower worlds bestir themselves.


Shin Paleo-Hebrew

The shin is typically on a mezuzah case.

Shin means ‘sharp’ and its form is based on a ‘tooth’ per some scholars.

In Gematria, the shin stands for 300.

The shin stands for Shaddai, a name fo God.

In the Kohen’s Priestly Blessing, the hand formation looks like a shin.

The shin is written in three like a flame: the three: hu hayah hu hoveh hu yih'yeh: G*d was G*d is G*d will be [Adon Olam].

See Paleo Hebrew Introduction


Twenty-two elemental letters.

God engraved them, carved them, weighed the, permuted them, and transposed them forming with them everything formed and everything destined to be formed….Thus all that is formed, all that is spoken emerges from one name

    -Daniel C. Matt, The Essential Kabbalah, Castle Books, New Jersey, 1997, p. 102


Lost-Wax Cast Bronze – an ancient process

These Judaica pendants are fine art bronze castings using the lost wax method.  The lost wax method of bronze casting was developed in the Ancient Near East in the late 4th millennium BCE, found then both in ancient Ur and Egypt.

This ancient process is used today to create fine art bronzes that embody the artist’s touch.  In the pieces, you can see the imprint of the artist’s hand molding clay and modeling wax.  It is a labor-intensive process, demonstrating fine craft with 5000 years of history utilized during the time of Abraham.


Kabbalah Mezuzah Case                           Signed, Limited Edition of Museum Quality

The Mezuzah Case for a door installation includes two screws.

• 6-3/8 inch high, 1-3/4 inch at widest, 5/8 inch at deepest

To purchase a kosher 7 cm (2-3/4 inch) scroll, go to 'Scroll for Mezuzah' page.

A 10 cm scroll fits as well.

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