Sukkah Soul Sukkah

Sukkot begins at sundown during the full moon              of 14 Tishrei.

The full moon reveals all that was hidden during the new moon of Rosh Hashanah.


Thank you to all my customers.

I loved communicating with each of you.

I am now focused on other design projects and continue to use Jewish text and sources for inspiration and guidance.



Unfortunately, the sukkah kits are no longer available.                

Neither building plans nor fabric are available.

If you would like to improvise the sukkah, here are the dimensions.  The design evolved through the years and these are the dimensions of the most recent sukkah kits.

Standard Size: 

8’-3” wide x 8’-3” deep x 7’-1” high


Medium Size:   

8’-3” wide x 12’-7” deep x 7’1” high
Entry is on 8’-3” side.


Large Size:     

8’-3” wide x 16’-11” deep x 7’-1” high          (most recent)
Entry is on 8’-3” side.

8’-3” wide x 16’-6” deep x 7’-1” high  (previous version was two Standard size sukkah kits combined)                                       Entry is on 8'-3" side.


- Susan

Standard sukkah shown with 4-8 seats at a 48

Standard sukkah shown with 4-8 seats at a 48" round table using a card table with a round table extender.

Sukkah kit seats 4-8. 
This is a table with 6 seats Sukkah kit seats 4-8. 
This is a table with 4 seats. Sukkah kit detail of fabric Sukkah kit: Table with 8 seats Skirball Cultural Center - Mid-size sukkah
Table with 10 seats, Los Angeles, CA

(The schach is drooping, the top of the sukkah is straight.) Large sukkah seats 16 with 30-inch wide tables. (Floor provided by owner.)